Easy divers

Our company enjoys quite a reputation, and our name can be written in more than one way to search for it, such as Easydivers, Eazydivers, Easy divers, or Eazy divers dive center in Sharm Red sea.


Easy divers intends to provide a wide range of diving products which are high in quality, to become the leading diving service provider in the Red Sea region, securing and maintaining market leadership across our lines of business and geographical footprint.


Providing the best diving experience, being a desired employer, creating value for our owners, preserving our precious environment, and proudly contributing to the development of our country.


Easy Divers is a reflection of our desire to be part of Diver's diving activities in Egypt. The way we do things internally impacts our services and divers. Our values do not only reflect Easy Divers’ identity, but also shape our company culturein scuba and tech diving.

Seek Excellence
  • Our passion to excel makes our divers at the heart of our business, offering them the best services and the best value for money.
  • We work professionally, push for quality, value loyalty and never settle for anything less.
  • We adopt the highest standards of service to each and every diver, internally or externally.
  • We continuously advance our professional knowledge and capabilities to maintain the competence required to provide top-quality results as an IDC 5 Stars Diving Resort.
  • We enjoy working and succeeding together by building good working relationships in a friendly and positive work environment.
  • friendly and positive work environment with our guests in any water sport activity diving and safari trips.
  • We treat everyone with the respect and dignity we desire for ourselves.
  • We are passionate about our business, and we are committed to meeting the changing needs of our divers all over the world to enjoy nice diving in Egypt.
  • We communicate with clarity and simplicity in Easy Divers Dive Center.
  • We are always straightforward and easy to understand with the professional diving guides.
  • We satisfy our divers in the most simple and convenient style.
  • We are committed to ensuring utmost efficiency in all our processes, to ensure we work smoothly and effectively In order to maintain our position as the first and best IDC 5 Stars Diving Resort.
  • We say simply and clearly what we are doing, and we ensure that we do what we say.
  • We genuinely believe in our role to help in preserving our environment.
  • We have a responsibility to balance the needs of our stakeholders as well as meeting our social, ethical and environmental obligations.
  • We help our guests on every liveaboard trip, daily trip, safari trip, safari diving or dive from shore to enjoy while maintaining the different sites, and we trust our guests' awareness and desire to keep the environment safe.

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