Overnight boat trip to Thistlegorm Wreck

Easy Divers is the only one dive operator which is able to provide incredible experience on a safari boat.

  • If you are looking for dive holi class="p-2"day it is recommended to choose dive package 3 or 5 days. You can take days off and no need to dive several days running.
  • Special Offer for Diving Fans – 7th day diving is FREE.
  • You can choose any hotel in Sharm El Sheikh, we are providing transfer from any hotel free of charge. Also, we are organizing airport transfer free of charge for our divers.
  • Pick up from the hotel will be around 8 am from the hotel main gate. Bus will take you to jetty where we will meet you and accompany you to dive boat.
  • Every day we are changing destination and dive sites depending on weather and your requests. If you have preference, please do not hesitate to let us know in order to organize best diving experience for you.
  • From boat we proceed with 2 dives. 3rd dive is possible upon request.
  • Lunch and soft drinks are provided on boat.
  • Dive Package Cost consists of diving, ticket to national park, lunch fee and equipment rent (if you need).
  • Return back of the boat to the jetty around 4pm.
  • For reservation you need to send us: passport, certificate, hotel, date of first diving day, if you need equipment for rent,please inform us about your height/weight/shoe size (equipment will be prepared and will wait for you on the boat). If you need airport transfer, please provide the flight details. Driver will meet you at the entrance of the terminal with sign EASY DIVERS.
  • All Dives Include Tanks and Weights, Guide, Transfer.
  • PADI Manual with Certificate 80
  • Extra charges will apply on dives from boat

Equipment Rental EUR
Full scuba equipment per day 25
Mask and Snorkel/ mask, snorkel, fins 3/5
Fins 3
Infaltor hose/ octopus or manometer 3/5
Wetsuit shorty/Lifejacket 5
Wetsuit long 8
BCD 10
Regulator 10
15 liter tank 5
Nitrox Tank 12 liter/15 liter Nitrox 5/8
Torch 8

Specialties EUR
PADI Enriched Air (2 dives) 140
PADI Enriched Air (Dry Course) 90
PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy (2 dives) 125
PADI Digital U/W Photography (2 dives ) 145
PADI Deep Diver (4 dives) 215
PADI Night Diver (3 dives) 185
PADI Wreck Diver (4 dives) 210
PADI Drift Diver (2 dives) 95
PADI Manual with Certificate 70
*Specialties do not include equipment rent
*Do not include boat charges

Extra Charges EUR
National Park and Port Fees 7
Lunch and Soft drink on the boat 7
Thistlegorm (extra to the dive package) torch not included 70
Legendary Dahab (extra to the dive package) 60
Private Guide per day 50
Private Guide per dive 35
Lunch and Breakfast (Thistlegorm trip) 10
Private Boat 800
Dahab Terra incognita (extra to the dive package) 80

Introductory Dives and Snorkeling EUR
Bubblemaker (1 dive in pool or lagoon.min 8 years old) 40
PADI DSD ( day 1 conf water, day 2 - 2 dives from boat) 120
Snorkeling trip by boat 40
Introductory Dive Boat 70
Non Diver On boat (accompany of diver)* 40
*Lunch, National Park and Port fees included
Special Liveaboard Trips

For reservation or for any inquires please email us one or text us on WhatsApp, Telegram +201228779788 or you can Book Now